Enhance Your Data Center Power Distribution with the APC Rack PDU Basic AP9559

In the intricate ecosystem of data centers, power distribution is the backbone that supports the seamless operation of critical infrastructure. The APC Rack PDU Basic AP9559 stands as a testament to this, offering robust power distribution capabilities with a blend of simplicity and efficiency. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this essential component for any data center or server room.

Streamlined Power Distribution

The APC Rack PDU Basic AP9559 is a 1U rack-mounted unit designed to provide straightforward power distribution for your equipment. With a capacity of 16A at 208/230V, it delivers reliable power to your servers, networking gear, and other essential devices. The unit features a total of 10 C13 outlets and 2 C19 outlets, offering versatile connectivity options to accommodate various hardware configurations.

Space-Saving Design

In today’s densely populated data center environments, space optimization is key. The compact 1U form factor of the AP9559 ensures minimal impact on rack space, allowing for efficient utilization of valuable real estate within server racks. Its slim profile enables easy installation in standard rack enclosures without sacrificing functionality, making it an ideal choice for environments where space is at a premium.

Flexibility and Compatibility

The APC Rack PDU Basic AP9559 is designed to adapt to the diverse needs of modern data centers. Whether you’re deploying new hardware or retrofitting existing infrastructure, its versatile outlet configuration supports a wide range of equipment types and power requirements. The combination of C13 and C19 outlets caters to various plug types commonly found in IT equipment, ensuring compatibility with your existing hardware ecosystem.

Reliable Performance

When it comes to critical infrastructure, reliability is non-negotiable. The AP9559 is built with APC’s renowned quality and durability, delivering consistent performance and peace of mind. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing to meet industry standards for safety and reliability, ensuring that your equipment remains powered and protected at all times. With APC’s trusted brand backing it, you can rely on the AP9559 to deliver uninterrupted power to your mission-critical systems.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Deploying the APC Rack PDU Basic AP9559 is a hassle-free process, thanks to its user-friendly design and plug-and-play functionality. Installation is straightforward, requiring minimal setup time and expertise. Additionally, the unit’s robust construction and low-maintenance design reduce the need for frequent servicing, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. With the AP9559, you can focus on your core business operations without worrying about power distribution issues.

In conclusion, the APC Rack PDU Basic AP9559 offers a simple yet effective solution for power distribution in data center environments. Its compact design, versatile outlet configuration, and reliable performance make it a valuable asset for any organization seeking to optimize their power infrastructure. Whether you’re building a new data center or upgrading your existing setup, the AP9559 provides the flexibility, compatibility, and reliability needed to support your mission-critical operations.


Powering Efficiency: Unveiling the Rack PDU Basic 1U 16A 208 & 230V (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559)

In the dynamic landscape of data centers and server infrastructure, the significance of reliable power distribution cannot be overstated. One standout solution in this domain is the Rack PDU Basic 1U 16A 208 & 230V (10)C13 & (2)C19, and in this blog, we delve into the features that make the AP9559 model a robust choice for powering your critical equipment.

Sleek Form Factor and High Power Density

The 1U form factor of the AP9559 ensures efficient utilization of rack space, a crucial consideration in modern data center designs. Despite its compact size, this Rack PDU packs a punch with a power capacity of 16A at both 208V and 230V. This makes it an ideal choice for high-density server configurations where space optimization is paramount.

Outlet Versatility for Diverse Configurations

A standout feature of the AP9559 model is its versatile outlet configuration. Boasting ten C13 outlets and two C19 outlets, it caters to a wide range of devices, from servers and networking equipment to devices requiring high-power connections. This flexibility allows data center administrators to accommodate various equipment types, simplifying cable management and ensuring a clean and organized server environment.

Straightforward Installation and Accessibility

The Rack PDU Basic 1U is designed for ease of use. Its straightforward installation process minimizes downtime during setup, providing a hassle-free experience for IT professionals. Additionally, the unit’s front-facing outlets and LED display enhance accessibility, allowing quick visual checks of power status and usage.

Dependable Performance with Essential Features

While the AP9559 is labeled as “Basic,” its performance is anything but. It adheres to the fundamental principles of reliability and safety, offering protection against power anomalies and fluctuations. Built to meet industry standards, this Rack PDU safeguards critical equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Cost-Effective Power Distribution

One of the key advantages of the AP9559 model is its cost-effectiveness. Providing essential features without unnecessary complexities, it strikes a balance between functionality and budget considerations. This makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to optimize their power distribution infrastructure without compromising on quality.

In conclusion, the Rack PDU Basic 1U 16A 208 & 230V (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559) proves to be a compact powerhouse, addressing the fundamental needs of power distribution in data centers. Its sleek form factor, versatile outlet configuration, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness position it as a reliable and efficient solution for businesses of varying scales. Whether you’re upgrading an existing infrastructure or building a new data center, the AP9559 model stands ready to deliver the power and performance your critical equipment demands.


Maximizing Efficiency and Power Management with APC Rack PDU 1U (AP9559)

In today’s data-driven world, efficient power management is crucial for businesses of all sizes. One of the key components in a reliable and efficient power distribution system is the APC Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559). This blog post aims to provide a persuasive and informative overview of the benefits and features of this particular rack PDU.

Streamlined Power Distribution:

The APC Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559) offers a compact and space-saving design that can be easily mounted in any standard rack enclosure. With (10) C13 and (2) C19 outlets, it provides flexible power distribution options to accommodate various devices and equipment.

High Power Capacity:

With a 16A input current, this rack PDU is capable of handling high-power devices and equipment, making it suitable for data centers, server rooms, and other demanding environments. The 208&230V voltage compatibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of electrical systems.

Reliable and Durable Construction:

APC is a trusted brand known for its high-quality products, and the APC Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559) is no exception. It is built with robust materials to ensure durability and longevity, providing peace of mind and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Advanced Power Monitoring and Management:

The AP9559 PDU offers advanced power monitoring capabilities, allowing users to track power consumption and identify potential issues. With the ability to monitor power usage at the outlet level, businesses can optimize energy efficiency, identify power-hungry devices, and make informed decisions for capacity planning.

Easy Installation and Integration:

The rack PDU is designed for easy installation, with toolless mounting options and a user-friendly interface. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, reducing installation time and effort. Additionally, the compatibility with APC’s management software enables centralized monitoring and control of multiple PDUs, further simplifying power management.

Enhanced Safety and Protection:

The APC Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559) prioritizes safety with features like overload protection and circuit breakers. These safeguards protect connected devices from power surges, ensuring the longevity of critical equipment and minimizing downtime.

Efficient power distribution and management are essential for businesses to maintain productivity and minimize risks. The APC Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559) offers a reliable, versatile, and scalable solution for power distribution needs. With its advanced monitoring capabilities, easy installation, and durable construction, this rack PDU is a valuable asset for data centers, server rooms, and any environment that demands high-performance power management.

Investing in the APC Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559) is a step towards maximizing efficiency, ensuring optimal power distribution, and protecting critical equipment. Upgrade your power management system today and experience the benefits firsthand.