Liebert Surge Arrest -38900029001

69,000.00 55,500.00

Power surges caused by lightning strikes and other problems on utility lines are capable of permanently damaging or affecting the performance of computers and other sensitive electronic devices. You must take precautions to protect your valuable equipment. The Liebert Power Surge is your best line of defense against these problems. This high quality surge suppressor provides maximum protection in a choice of three different models that lets you select additional levels of protection for telephones, modem, fax, answering machine, network, cable modems, audio, video and other communications equipment.



  • Six surge protected outlets
  • Spacing for three transformer blocks without covering other outlets
  • Thermal fuses inhibits destructive surges even if the surge suppressor has failed
  • High Joule rating Indicates a greater ability to absorb high energy surges without damage
  • Surge protection available indicator On/off switch with circuit breaker
  • Six-foot line cord
  • EMI/RFI filtration eliminates electrical noise