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Vertiv™ EDGE-3000IRT2UXL, in 2U rack and tower formats, offers 3000VA/2700W of backup power protection for server and networking equipment. Featuring a high 0.9 power factor, controllable outlets, and extended runtime cabinets, Vertiv EDGE is a cost-effective choice for distributed and edge IT applications.


High output PF=0.9 to maximize available power and protect more equipment

1U, 2U, 3U, tower, rack/tower form factors, with power ratings from 500VA to 3000VA, to address a broad range of power requirements

Color graphic LCD display

Add up to 6 extended run battery cabinets to increase runtime

“Green mode” operation: in battery mode with small loads, the UPS will automatically shut down to protect batteries, optimize energy savings

Programmable outlets to disable non-critical loads, optimize battery runtime

Smart fan speed control for lower audible noise

RoHS and REACH compliant
High efficiency, up to 98% in line mode, to deliver energy savings

Advanced AVR protection with 2x boost and 1x buck tap to protect the battery by smoothing out spikes, sags and brownouts

External battery cabinets with auto-detection

Rack/tower 3kVA model with short depth for flexible installation

Remote connectivity via network interface or serial connection to monitor power consumption and configure user-defined alert notifications to prevent downtime

Input breaker device for additional protection to the load in worst case failures

Extend battery life with deep discharge protection



Technical Specifications
Power Rating 3000VA / 2700W
Input Voltage 230V AC
Output Voltage 200 / 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC
Efficiency 98%
Wiring Input: IEC C20 Output: 3+3 x IEC C13 & 1 x IEC C19
Interface Options USB & Slot for optional cards
Control Panel LCD Display
Operating Temperature 0 – 40ºC
Listings CE, CB
Topology Line interactive (pure sinewave)