Exploring the APC 6000VA Double Smart-UPS SRT 230V (SRT6KXLI)

Ensuring uninterrupted power supply is crucial for businesses that rely on continuous operation of their critical systems. The APC 6000VA Double Smart-UPS SRT 230V (SRT6KXLI) stands out as a premier solution for providing reliable power protection and backup. This blog delves into the features, benefits, and applications of this advanced UPS system.

Key Features

1. High Capacity and Double Conversion Online Technology

The APC Smart-UPS SRT 6000VA provides robust power protection with a high capacity of 6000VA. Its double conversion online technology ensures the highest level of power quality by isolating connected equipment from raw utility power. This results in a pure sine wave output, free from power anomalies.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

This UPS system offers scalability with its expandable runtime feature. Additional battery packs can be added to extend the backup duration, making it adaptable to varying power needs. Its flexible configuration allows for both rack-mount and tower installations.

3. Advanced Management and Monitoring

Equipped with an intuitive LCD display, the SRT6KXLI provides real-time information on system status, diagnostics, and performance. The UPS also supports network management cards, enabling remote management and monitoring through APC’s PowerChute software, enhancing overall system control.

4. Eco Mode

The UPS includes an Eco Mode that allows for bypassing unused electrical components in good power conditions, achieving high operating efficiency without compromising protection.

5. Intelligent Battery Management

The APC Smart-UPS SRT features advanced battery management, which includes predictive battery replacement dates and automatic self-tests. This ensures optimal battery performance and longevity.


1. Enhanced Power Quality

With double conversion online technology, the SRT6KXLI provides consistent, clean power, eliminating disturbances caused by voltage fluctuations, spikes, and electrical noise. This ensures the safety and reliability of connected equipment.

2. Extended Runtime

The scalable battery runtime allows businesses to configure the UPS to meet their specific backup power needs. By adding external battery packs, users can extend the runtime to keep critical systems operational during prolonged outages.

3. Cost-Effective Operation

Eco Mode operation and high efficiency reduce energy consumption, translating into lower operating costs. Over time, this makes the UPS a cost-effective investment for power protection.

4. Remote Management

The ability to manage and monitor the UPS remotely reduces the need for on-site personnel, improving operational efficiency. This feature is particularly beneficial for distributed IT environments and data centers.

5. Reliability and Maintenance

Intelligent battery management and automatic self-tests ensure the UPS is always ready to perform. Predictive analytics for battery replacement further enhance reliability and reduce maintenance efforts.


1. Data Centers

The APC Smart-UPS SRT 6000VA is ideal for data centers requiring high-capacity power protection and extended runtime. It ensures that servers, storage systems, and networking equipment remain operational during power disturbances.

2. Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and medical centers rely on continuous power for critical medical equipment. This UPS system guarantees uninterrupted power supply, protecting sensitive devices and supporting patient care.

3. Industrial and Manufacturing

Manufacturing plants and industrial operations use complex machinery that requires stable power. The SRT6KXLI safeguards these systems against power anomalies, preventing costly downtime and equipment damage.

4. Telecommunications

Telecom infrastructure depends on consistent power to maintain communication networks. This UPS provides the necessary protection to keep these networks running smoothly, ensuring reliable connectivity.

The APC 6000VA Double Smart-UPS SRT 230V (SRT6KXLI) is a versatile and reliable solution for businesses that require robust power protection. Its high capacity, advanced battery management, and double conversion online technology make it an excellent choice for various applications. By ensuring continuous operation of critical systems and reducing operational costs, this UPS system supports business continuity and enhances the reliability of essential infrastructure.

For organizations seeking dependable power protection, the APC Smart-UPS SRT 6000VA offers a powerful combination of efficiency, flexibility, and advanced management features.


APC 6000VA Double Smart-UPS SRT 230V (SRT6KXLI): Reliable Power Protection for Critical Systems

In an era where downtime is unacceptable and data integrity is paramount, having a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential for any organization. The APC 6000VA Double Smart-UPS SRT 230V (SRT6KXLI) is designed to provide top-notch power protection and ensure the continuous operation of critical systems. This blog explores the key features, benefits, and typical applications of this high-performance UPS solution.

Key Features

  1. Double Conversion Online Topology:
    • The SRT6KXLI uses double conversion online topology to provide the highest levels of power protection. This design ensures that connected equipment receives clean and consistent power by isolating them from power disturbances such as surges, spikes, and electrical noise.
  2. 6000VA/6000W Power Capacity:
    • With a power capacity of 6000VA (volt-amperes) and 6000W (watts), the UPS is capable of supporting a substantial load, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including servers, data centers, and telecommunications.
  3. Extended Battery Runtime:
    • The SRT6KXLI offers scalable runtime through the addition of external battery packs. This feature is critical for environments where extended uptime is necessary during prolonged power outages.
  4. High Efficiency:
    • Operating at up to 96% efficiency in online mode, the UPS reduces energy consumption and heat generation, contributing to lower operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint.
  5. Hot-Swappable Batteries:
    • The UPS allows for hot-swappable battery replacement, enabling maintenance without shutting down connected equipment. This ensures continuous operation and simplifies battery management.
  6. Intelligent Battery Management:
    • Advanced battery management features include temperature-compensated charging and predictive failure notifications, which help extend battery life and ensure timely replacements.
  7. LCD Display and Network Management:
    • An intuitive LCD interface provides real-time status updates and configuration options. Additionally, the UPS supports remote management via network cards, allowing IT administrators to monitor and control the UPS from anywhere.
  8. Automatic Bypass:
    • In the event of an internal UPS fault, the automatic bypass feature ensures that critical loads continue to receive power, maintaining operational continuity.


  1. Unmatched Reliability:
    • The double conversion online design provides the highest level of power protection, ensuring that sensitive equipment is shielded from even the most severe power disturbances.
  2. Enhanced Uptime:
    • With scalable runtime and hot-swappable batteries, the SRT6KXLI ensures that critical systems remain operational during power outages and maintenance activities.
  3. Cost Efficiency:
    • High efficiency in online mode translates to reduced energy consumption and cooling requirements, leading to significant cost savings over the UPS’s lifetime.
  4. Ease of Management:
    • The combination of an intuitive LCD interface and remote management capabilities simplifies the monitoring and control of power conditions, reducing the burden on IT staff.


The APC 6000VA Double Smart-UPS SRT 230V is designed for a variety of demanding applications, including:

  1. Data Centers and Server Rooms:
    • Protects servers, storage devices, and networking equipment, ensuring the integrity and availability of critical data and applications.
  2. Telecommunications:
    • Provides reliable power to communication infrastructure, maintaining uninterrupted connectivity and service quality.
  3. Healthcare Facilities:
    • Ensures the continuous operation of essential medical equipment and IT systems, safeguarding patient care and data integrity.
  4. Industrial Operations:
    • Shields sensitive control systems and machinery from power disturbances, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted production processes.
  5. Financial Services:
    • Maintains the operation of trading platforms, transaction processing systems, and other financial IT infrastructure, where downtime can result in significant financial loss.

The APC 6000VA Double Smart-UPS SRT 230V (SRT6KXLI) stands out as a robust and reliable power protection solution, designed to meet the demands of modern IT environments. Its double conversion online topology, high efficiency, scalability, and advanced management features make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to ensure the continuous operation of their critical systems. By investing in the SRT6KXLI, organizations can protect their data, reduce operational risks, and achieve greater peace of mind.