Research and Development Engineer at Concept Group

  • Full Time
  • Anywhere

Location: Yaba, Lagos

Job Summary

Research and develop new solutions, provide upgrades to existing solutions, integrate solutions and provide solutions to technical issues with the company’s existing products.

Duties & Responsibilities

Provide Research on new Technology-Based Products and Solutions to meet the company’s strategy for new products and solutions
Provide research on possible upgrades to meet the company’s strategy for existing products and solutions, including but not limited to Concept Nova's fleet management, remote monitoring and telematics systems/solutions
Prepare completion reports, test reports, field inspection reports, reports/documentation of problems solved, etc.
Analyse and understand the positioning of the product, service or process.
Benchmark and test competitive products to gain relevant information that can be applied to the product specifications
Research “all” possible solution approaches, and design & develop the most feasible option based on cost-effectiveness and functionality.
Field service activities including preliminary/feasibility inspections and deployment/integration/execution..
Provide necessary support to the Recovery and Control unit
Work with Software team during solution integration and development and provide the necessary support

Qualifications / Requirements

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering
3-5 years work experience.
Relevant knowledge of embedded systems and electronic circuits
IoT and Control systems enthusiast
Experience with microcontroller or PLC systems
Ability to carry out data analysis
Solid troubleshooting skills and the ability to diagnose and solve difficult problems
Direct experience with Python, C, or C++
Desire to work in a fast-paced environment
Desire to develop a deep understanding of the business and end-user needs
Ability to resolve complex issues in creative, efficient, and effective ways
Ability to interpret wiring diagrams
Ability to work independently and pro-actively.
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Bonus: Knowledge of SQL

Job Knowledge:

Knowledge of Remote Terminal Units
Knowledge of Electrical/ElectronicCircuits
Knowledge of Electronic Sensors
Knowledge of Electronic/Electrical systems
Knowledge of Microcontroller and
Microprocessor-based designs

Skills / Competencies:

Sensor technology
Python, C or C++
Microsoft Office Suite
Problem Solving
Hardware configuration and diagnosis
Knowledge of SQL