Unleashing Power and Precision: APC Smart-UPS SRT 2200VA 230V (SRT2200KLI)

In the realm of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, the APC Smart-UPS SRT 2200VA 230V (SRT2200KLI) stands as a beacon of power and precision. Let’s explore the advanced features and capabilities that make this APC UPS a top choice for those seeking robust power protection for critical systems.

1. High Power Capacity:

The SRT2200KLI boasts a formidable 2200VA/1980W power capacity, making it an ideal choice for environments with critical power needs. This substantial capacity ensures that even high-performance servers and networking equipment remain operational during power outages.

2. Double Conversion Technology:

Employing double conversion technology, this Smart-UPS provides consistent and high-quality power output. It converts incoming AC power to DC and then back to AC, ensuring a seamless transition to battery power without any interruption or transfer time.

3. Scalable Runtime Options:

The UPS offers the flexibility to customize runtime based on specific needs. Users can easily add external battery packs to extend the backup time, providing a scalable solution for environments that require prolonged power support.

4. Intelligent Battery Management:

The Smart-UPS incorporates advanced battery management features, such as temperature-compensated charging and predictive battery replacement notifications. This ensures optimal battery performance and longevity, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures.

5. Network Management Capabilities:

With built-in network management capabilities, the SRT2200KLI allows for remote monitoring and control. Users can access real-time status updates, configure settings, and receive alerts, enhancing overall visibility and management of the UPS system.

6. LCD Display with Multi-Language Support:

The intuitive LCD display provides at-a-glance information on UPS status, load levels, and battery capacity. Multi-language support ensures accessibility for a diverse range of users, simplifying the monitoring and configuration process.

7. Hot-Swappable Batteries:

The hot-swappable design allows users to replace batteries without powering down connected equipment. This feature ensures continuous operation and minimizes downtime during routine maintenance or in the event of battery replacement.

8. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR):

The SRT2200KLI incorporates AVR to stabilize input voltages, ensuring that connected equipment receives a consistent power supply. This feature protects against voltage fluctuations and contributes to the longevity of sensitive electronic devices.

9. Robust Surge Protection:

Beyond providing battery backup, the Smart-UPS offers robust surge protection, shielding connected devices from power surges and spikes. This added layer of defense safeguards equipment from potential damage due to unpredictable power events.

In conclusion, the APC Smart-UPS SRT 2200VA 230V (SRT2200KLI) is a powerhouse of features, delivering reliable and precise power protection for critical systems. Whether it’s a data center, server room, or any environment with high power demands, this Smart-UPS ensures uninterrupted operation, advanced battery management, and scalability for future growth. With its cutting-edge technology, the SRT2200KLI stands as a testament to APC’s commitment to providing top-tier UPS solutions for mission-critical applications.