Driver at Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund (WF)

Job Type: Per time

Job Description:

a. Drive NWTF vehicle(s) and execute the tasks as assigned by supervisor.

b. Ensure the safety of passengers, cargo and vehicle and observe traffic rules and road discipline.

c. Perform day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle to ensure roadworthiness. This includes daily check of tyres, brakes, engine oil, fan belt, etc.

d. Ensure that in case of accident, supervisors are informed, and a police report is obtained.

e. Maintain the vehicle road logbook at all times.

f. Check daily status and availability of spares, jack and tools.

g. Refuel the vehicle as required.

h. Ensure cleanliness of the vehicle at all times.

i. Ensure that the NWTF vehicle(s) is only used for official/authorized business.

j. Ensure that the keys are returned for safeguarding at the end of the shift or handed over to the next driver.

k. Availability to work during weekends and after hours as requested.

l. Perform such other duties as may be required.

Educational Requirement: 

  • High School Certificate / Diploma in related fields

Experience: Continuous driving experience

Condition of Service: Competitive and Negotiable

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