Unveiling the Powerhouse: APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V (SUVTP20KH4B4S)

In the realm of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), the APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V (SUVTP20KH4B4S) stands as a robust and reliable solution for businesses seeking to safeguard their critical electronic equipment from power disruptions. This high-performance UPS is designed to deliver optimal power protection and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Key Features:

1. Impressive Capacity:
The 20kVA capacity of the APC Smart-UPS VT ensures ample power for data centers, server rooms, and other critical environments, providing a reliable shield against power fluctuations and outages.
2. True Online Double-Conversion Technology:
The SUVTP20KH4B4S employs state-of-the-art double-conversion technology, ensuring a continuous and clean power supply. This feature is crucial for protecting sensitive electronic equipment from voltage fluctuations, frequency variations, and other power anomalies.
3. Scalability and Redundancy:
This UPS is designed with scalability in mind. It allows for the parallel operation of multiple units, providing not only increased capacity but also redundancy to enhance system reliability. Businesses can expand their power protection infrastructure as their needs grow.
4. Advanced Battery Management:
Equipped with a high-performance battery system, the Smart-UPS VT 20kVA optimizes battery life and performance. Intelligent battery management features include temperature-compensated charging, ensuring that the UPS is always ready to provide backup power when needed.
5. Intuitive LCD Display:
The UPS features a user-friendly LCD interface, offering real-time status updates, configuration options, and diagnostics. This allows for quick and easy monitoring of the UPS system, facilitating efficient management and troubleshooting.
6. Network Management Capabilities:
Integration with network management systems is seamless, enabling remote monitoring and control. This is particularly beneficial for IT professionals who need to manage multiple UPS units across different locations.
7. Energy Efficiency:
The Smart-UPS VT is designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and lower operational costs. The system’s efficiency is further enhanced by its ability to operate in eco-mode when appropriate.

In the dynamic landscape of business operations, a reliable and robust power protection solution is paramount. The APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V (SUVTP20KH4B4S) stands as a testament to APC’s commitment to delivering high-performance UPS systems. With its advanced features, scalability, and energy efficiency, this UPS is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to ensure the continuous and secure operation of their critical electronic infrastructure.


Understanding the APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V (SUVTP20KH4B4S): A Comprehensive Review

In the realm of power protection solutions, the APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V (SUVTP20KH4B4S) emerges as a robust and versatile choice, delivering reliability and efficiency for critical applications. Let’s explore the features, capabilities, and advantages of this industrial-grade UPS system.


The APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V (SUVTP20KH4B4S) is part of the acclaimed Smart-UPS VT series, known for its adaptability and high performance. This specific model, with a 20kVA capacity and a 400V input voltage, caters to various industries, including data centers, healthcare, manufacturing, and more, offering reliable power protection for critical equipment.

Key Features:

1. Adaptability and Scalability: Similar to its higher-capacity counterparts, this UPS system employs a modular design that allows for seamless scalability. Additional power and battery modules can be added to meet increasing power demands without replacing the entire system.
2. Efficient and Reliable Performance: Utilizing double conversion technology, the UPS ensures consistent and clean power delivery to connected devices, guarding against power disturbances, surges, and outages. Its high efficiency operation in online mode minimizes energy wastage, contributing to cost savings.
3. Advanced Battery Management: Equipped with intelligent battery management features, the SUVTP30KH4B4S optimizes battery performance, prolonging battery life and providing timely alerts for maintenance or replacement.
4. Integrated Maintenance Bypass: Facilitating uninterrupted service, the UPS system incorporates a maintenance bypass panel, allowing for service or replacement procedures without affecting connected loads.
5. User-Friendly Interface: A user-friendly LCD interface provides real-time monitoring, system status updates, alarms, and configuration options, ensuring ease of management and troubleshooting.
6. Remote Management Capability: Integration with APC management software enables remote monitoring, configuration, and control, enhancing overall manageability and minimizing downtime.


• Reliable Power Protection: The UPS ensures a continuous and reliable power supply, safeguarding critical equipment against power fluctuations and disruptions.
• Scalability and Flexibility: Its modular design facilitates easy expansion, offering scalability as businesses grow without requiring a complete system overhaul.
• Cost-Efficiency: High efficiency in online mode reduces energy costs, making it a sustainable choice for businesses concerned with operational expenses.
• Minimal Downtime: Features such as hot-swappable batteries and maintenance bypass contribute to reduced downtime during maintenance or replacement tasks.


The APC Smart-UPS VT 20kVA 400V (SUVTP20KH4B4S) embodies a resilient and adaptable power protection solution, ideally suited for critical applications across various industries. Its blend of scalability, efficiency, reliability, and advanced features makes it a trusted choice for businesses seeking uninterrupted power supply, safeguarding crucial equipment, and ensuring continuous operations in demanding environments.