Empowering Businesses with Reliability: APC SMART UPS RT 20kVA RM 230V (SURT20KRMXLI)

In the realm of power protection, the APC SMART UPS RT 20kVA RM 230V, identified by its model number SURT20KRMXLI, stands tall as a robust and high-capacity Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution. Designed to cater to the demanding needs of businesses and critical applications, this UPS system is a stalwart guardian against power interruptions.

1. Formidable Power Capacity:
At its core, the SURT20KRMXLI boasts an impressive 20kVA capacity, delivering a reliable and uninterrupted power supply to critical systems and equipment. With 16kW power output, it can handle the high demands of data centers, medical facilities, and other mission-critical environments.

2. Online Double-Conversion Technology:
The UPS employs online double-conversion technology, ensuring a seamless transition from utility power to battery power. This technology isolates connected equipment from power anomalies, providing a consistently clean and stable power output.

3. Scalable for Growing Needs:
Businesses evolve, and so do their power requirements. The SURT20KRMXLI is designed with scalability in mind, allowing for easy expansion of power capacity as your business grows. This adaptability ensures a future-proof solution for changing power demands.

4. Redundant and Hot-Swappable Batteries:
To enhance reliability, this UPS system features redundant and hot-swappable batteries. This means that in the event of a battery failure, the system can seamlessly switch to a backup without any downtime, ensuring continuous power availability.

5. Advanced Communication and Management:
With multiple communication ports, including SmartSlot and serial ports, the SURT20KRMXLI facilitates seamless integration with network management systems. This enables remote monitoring, control, and configuration, ensuring proactive management of the UPS.

6. Enhanced Serviceability:
The modular design of the UPS simplifies maintenance and serviceability. Critical components such as batteries and modules can be easily replaced, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the system is quickly restored to full operational capacity.

7. Robust Built for Demanding Environments:
The SURT20KRMXLI is engineered to thrive in challenging environments. Its rugged construction and high-quality components make it well-suited for deployment in industries where reliability is non-negotiable.

8. Comprehensive Protection:
Beyond power backup, this UPS system provides comprehensive protection against various power anomalies, including spikes, surges, and frequency variations. This ensures that connected equipment is shielded from potential damage.

In conclusion, the APC SMART UPS RT 20kVA RM 230V (SURT20KRMXLI) is a powerhouse designed to meet the stringent demands of modern businesses. With its formidable capacity, advanced features, and emphasis on reliability, it stands as a dependable choice for organizations seeking a robust and scalable power protection solution. Invest in the SURT20KRMXLI for the peace of mind that comes with uninterrupted and secure power for your critical operations.