Streamline Power Distribution with the Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559)

Efficient power distribution is a critical component of any data center or server room infrastructure. The Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559) offers a reliable and streamlined solution for managing power distribution within racks. In this blog, we will delve into the key features and benefits of the AP9559 Rack PDU, highlighting why it is the ideal choice for businesses seeking a robust and efficient power distribution unit.

  1. Simplified Power Management:
    The AP9559 Rack PDU provides a basic yet effective solution for power management within racks. With its 1U form factor, it occupies minimal space, allowing for efficient use of rack space. The PDU offers 16A power capacity, ensuring ample power distribution for various devices and equipment. Its simple design and functionality make it easy to install and use, simplifying power management for IT professionals.
  2. Versatile Outlet Configurations:
    Featuring (10)C13 and (2)C19 outlets, the AP9559 Rack PDU offers versatility in connecting a wide range of devices. The (10)C13 outlets are compatible with standard power cords, allowing for easy connection of servers, switches, and other equipment. The (2)C19 outlets are designed for high-power devices, accommodating power-hungry equipment such as large servers or storage systems. This flexibility in outlet configurations ensures compatibility with diverse equipment setups.
  3. High Power Capacity:
    With a 16A power capacity, the AP9559 Rack PDU can handle high-power loads, making it suitable for data centers and environments with demanding power requirements. This robust power capacity ensures that critical equipment receives a stable and reliable power supply, minimizing the risk of disruptions and equipment damage. The PDU’s ability to handle high power loads makes it a reliable choice for businesses with power-intensive operations.
  4. Efficient Cable Management:
    The AP9559 Rack PDU is designed with cable management in mind. It features vertical mounting capabilities, allowing for neat and organized cable routing within the rack. This helps reduce cable clutter and improves airflow, enhancing the overall efficiency and aesthetics of the rack setup. The PDU’s cable management features contribute to a well-organized and optimized data center environment.
  5. Wide Voltage Range Compatibility:
    The AP9559 Rack PDU supports both 208V and 230V input voltages, making it compatible with a wide range of power systems. This versatility ensures that the PDU can be seamlessly integrated into various power infrastructures, providing flexibility for businesses operating in different regions or with different power configurations.
  6. Reliable and Durable Design:
    APC, a trusted name in power management, manufactures the AP9559 Rack PDU. Known for their quality and reliability, APC products undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and performance. The AP9559 Rack PDU is built to withstand demanding environments and provide long-lasting power distribution capabilities, offering peace of mind to businesses that rely on continuous power supply.

The Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208&230V, (10)C13 & (2)C19 (AP9559) provides a reliable and efficient power distribution solution for data centers and server rooms. With its simplified power management, versatile outlet configurations, high power capacity, efficient cable management, wide voltage range compatibility, and durable design, the AP9559 Rack PDU offers businesses a streamlined and dependable power distribution solution. Choose the AP9559 Rack PDU for efficient power management and optimal performance within your rack infrastructure.