Exploring the Easy UPS 3S 15 kVA 400 V 3:3 UPS with Internal Batteries (E3SUPS15KHB1)

In the fast-paced digital world, the importance of reliable power supply cannot be overstated. Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS 3S 15 kVA 400 V 3:3 UPS with internal batteries (E3SUPS15KHB1) offers an excellent solution for businesses needing uninterrupted power for their critical operations. This blog will provide a comprehensive overview of the features, benefits, and applications of this high-performance UPS system.


The Easy UPS 3S 15 kVA 400 V 3:3 UPS is a part of Schneider Electric’s Easy UPS 3S series, designed to provide seamless power protection with ease of use. The model E3SUPS15KHB1 features internal batteries that offer a runtime of up to 9 minutes at full load, making it an ideal choice for various business environments.

Key Features

  1. Power Capacity and Output:
    • 15 kVA/15 kW Power Capacity: With a substantial power capacity, the UPS can support a broad range of equipment, ensuring that essential operations remain functional during power disruptions.
    • 400 V 3-Phase Input and Output: The 3-phase input and output facilitate balanced power distribution and enhance overall efficiency, which is crucial for larger or more power-hungry systems.
  2. Runtime:
    • 9 Minutes Internal Battery Runtime: At full load, the internal batteries provide up to 9 minutes of runtime, allowing sufficient time for safe shutdown procedures or transfer to backup generators.
  3. Reliability and Protection:
    • Wide Input Voltage Range: This feature ensures that the UPS can maintain stable operation even in areas with inconsistent power supply, protecting connected equipment from damage.
    • Advanced Battery Management: The UPS includes sophisticated battery management capabilities, such as automatic battery testing and temperature-compensated charging, which enhance battery longevity and reliability.
  4. User-Friendly Design:
    • Compact Footprint: The UPS is designed to fit into various settings without taking up excessive space, making it suitable for both small and large installations.
    • Intuitive Monitoring and Management: Equipped with an LCD interface and capable of integration with network management software, the UPS allows for real-time monitoring and management.
  5. Efficiency:
    • High Efficiency Mode: The UPS operates with high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and lowering operational costs while maintaining optimal performance.


  1. Uninterrupted Power Supply: The Easy UPS 3S ensures continuous power to critical systems, protecting against power outages, surges, and other electrical disturbances.
  2. Enhanced Business Continuity: With a 9-minute runtime, businesses can effectively manage power interruptions, minimizing downtime and preventing data loss.
  3. Cost-Effective Protection: High efficiency and advanced battery management features make the Easy UPS 3S a cost-effective solution, reducing energy usage and maintenance costs.
  4. Scalability: The UPS’s modular design allows for easy scalability, accommodating growing power needs as your business expands.


The Easy UPS 3S 15 kVA 400 V 3:3 UPS is versatile and can be deployed in various scenarios, including:

  1. Data Centers and IT Infrastructure: Protects servers, storage systems, and networking equipment from power interruptions, ensuring continuous data availability.
  2. Industrial Environments: Maintains the operation of manufacturing processes, control systems, and other critical industrial equipment.
  3. Healthcare Facilities: Ensures the uninterrupted operation of medical devices and systems, supporting patient care and safety.
  4. Commercial Buildings: Provides reliable power for office equipment, communication systems, and other essential business operations.

The Easy UPS 3S 15 kVA 400 V 3:3 UPS with internal batteries (E3SUPS15KHB1) is a powerful, reliable, and efficient solution for businesses seeking to protect their critical systems from power disturbances. With its substantial power capacity, extended runtime, and user-friendly features, this UPS is a valuable investment for ensuring business continuity and safeguarding valuable data and equipment.

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