Understanding the APC Smart-UPS VT 30kVA 400V (SUVTP30KH4B4S)

In today’s data-driven world, the need for reliable power protection is paramount. Businesses and organizations must ensure their critical infrastructure remains operational even during power disturbances. One device that excels in this domain is the APC Smart-UPS VT 30kVA 400V (SUVTP30KH4B4S). This blog will delve into the features, benefits, and applications of this robust uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system.

Key Features

1. High Efficiency

The APC Smart-UPS VT 30kVA boasts an impressive efficiency rate, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Its high-efficiency design is tailored to minimize the total cost of ownership over its lifespan.

2. Scalability

This UPS system is highly scalable, accommodating growing business needs. It supports parallel redundancy and capacity, ensuring that as your power requirements increase, the system can be upgraded without significant overhaul.

3. Robust Power Protection

Designed to handle a 30kVA load with a 400V input, this model offers reliable power protection for critical infrastructure. It ensures that servers, data centers, and other essential equipment remain operational during power disturbances.

4. Intelligent Battery Management

The SUVTP30KH4B4S features advanced battery management, extending battery life and improving reliability. The system proactively monitors the batteries’ health and ensures they are always ready to provide backup power.

5. LCD Display and Management Software

This UPS system comes with a user-friendly LCD interface, providing real-time data on system status and diagnostics. Additionally, APC’s management software offers remote monitoring and management, making it easier for IT personnel to oversee the system’s performance.


1. Minimized Downtime

With its robust power protection capabilities, the APC Smart-UPS VT 30kVA ensures that critical systems remain operational during power outages and disturbances. This minimizes downtime and maintains business continuity.

2. Cost-Effective Operation

The high efficiency of this UPS model translates into lower energy costs. Over time, businesses can save significantly on electricity bills, making it a cost-effective solution for power protection.

3. Enhanced Scalability

Businesses can start with a smaller configuration and expand as needed. This scalability makes the APC Smart-UPS VT 30kVA a future-proof investment, adaptable to growing power needs.

4. Improved Battery Life

Advanced battery management reduces the frequency of battery replacements, lowering maintenance costs and enhancing the overall reliability of the power protection system.


1. Data Centers

Data centers require uninterrupted power to ensure that servers and networking equipment remain operational. The APC Smart-UPS VT 30kVA is ideal for providing reliable power backup in these environments.

2. Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities rely on continuous power to maintain critical medical equipment. This UPS system ensures that life-saving devices and systems are always powered.

3. Telecommunications

Telecom companies depend on uninterrupted power to maintain communication networks. The APC Smart-UPS VT 30kVA provides the necessary power protection to keep these networks running smoothly.

4. Industrial Operations

Manufacturing plants and industrial operations often use sensitive equipment that requires stable power. This UPS system helps prevent costly downtime and equipment damage due to power issues.

The APC Smart-UPS VT 30kVA 400V (SUVTP30KH4B4S) is a robust and efficient solution for businesses and organizations that require reliable power protection. Its high efficiency, scalability, and advanced battery management make it a valuable investment for a wide range of applications. By minimizing downtime and reducing operational costs, this UPS system helps ensure business continuity and enhances the reliability of critical infrastructure.