Power Without Compromise: Exploring the APC Smart UPS RT 15kVA RM 230V (SURT15KRMXLI)

In the realm of critical power protection, reliability is paramount. For organizations and facilities requiring robust uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions, the APC Smart UPS RT 15kVA RM 230V (SURT15KRMXLI) stands as a stalwart guardian against power disruptions. In this informative blog, we’ll delve into the features, capabilities, and applications of this high-performance UPS, engineered to deliver seamless power continuity in demanding environments.


The APC Smart UPS RT 15kVA RM 230V (SURT15KRMXLI) is a rack-mountable UPS system designed to provide reliable backup power and surge protection for mission-critical equipment. With a capacity of 15kVA (12kW), this UPS is tailored for medium to large-scale applications where uninterrupted power is essential for operations.

Key Features:

1. High Power Capacity: With its 15kVA capacity, the SURT15KRMXLI is capable of supporting substantial loads, making it suitable for data centers, server rooms, telecommunications facilities, and industrial applications.
2. Scalable Runtime: The UPS offers the flexibility to customize runtime based on specific requirements by adding external battery packs. This scalability ensures extended backup power for prolonged outages, allowing for uninterrupted operation and data integrity.
3. Double-Conversion Topology: Employing a double-conversion online topology, the UPS continuously converts incoming AC power to DC and then back to AC, ensuring a pure sine wave output with zero transfer time. This seamless transition protects connected equipment from power disturbances and fluctuations.
4. Hot-Swappable Batteries: The SURT15KRMXLI features hot-swappable batteries, enabling easy and non-disruptive battery replacement. This feature minimizes downtime during maintenance activities and ensures continuous power availability.
5. Intuitive LCD Display: Equipped with an intuitive LCD display, the UPS provides real-time status updates, including input/output voltage, load levels, battery capacity, and system diagnostics. Users can easily monitor and manage the UPS operation through the user-friendly interface.
6. Advanced Management Capabilities: The UPS offers comprehensive management capabilities, including network management via built-in Ethernet connectivity, remote monitoring, and configuration through web interface or SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) compatibility. These features facilitate centralized monitoring and control of multiple UPS units across distributed environments.
7. Redundant Configuration Support: For enhanced reliability and fault tolerance, the UPS supports redundant configuration with parallel operation capability. This allows multiple UPS units to work in tandem, ensuring seamless power transfer and load sharing in critical applications.

Performance and Reliability:

Backed by APC’s legacy of excellence in power protection, the Smart UPS RT 15kVA RM 230V (SURT15KRMXLI) delivers uncompromising performance and reliability. Its robust construction, advanced electronics, and fault-tolerant design ensure dependable operation in the face of power anomalies, enabling organizations to maintain productivity and safeguard critical assets.


The APC Smart UPS RT 15kVA RM 230V (SURT15KRMXLI) finds applications in a wide range of environments, including:

• Data centers and server farms
• Telecommunications facilities
• Industrial automation and manufacturing
• Healthcare facilities and laboratories
• Financial institutions and trading floors

In conclusion, the APC Smart UPS RT 15kVA RM 230V (SURT15KRMXLI) stands as a pinnacle of power protection technology, offering unmatched reliability, scalability, and performance for critical applications. Whether deployed in data centers, telecommunications facilities, or industrial environments, this UPS delivers the assurance of uninterrupted power supply, ensuring operational continuity and peace of mind for organizations worldwide. With its advanced features and robust construction, the SURT15KRMXLI exemplifies APC’s commitment to providing power without compromise.